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Animal products with fatty acid ratio of Omega 6 versus Omega 3 near 1: 1.

Products from different animal groups in assortment

  Bio-Beef Bio-Pig Bio-Chicken Bio-Scheep Bio-Goose Bio-Goat

Bio Meat (also in packages)

vink groen vink groen vink groen vink groen vink groen  

Bio (raw) Milk 

vink groen         vink groen

Kefir van Bio-raw milk 

vink groen          
Bio-Dairy Butter  vink groen          

Bio-cottage cheese of raw milk

vink groen          
Bio-Curd of raw milk
vink groen          
Bio-Slagroom van rauwemilk SOON          

Bio-Chees of raw milk 


vink groen

with or without fenugreek

      vink groen vink groen
Eggs from Bio-Chicken, Free-range     vink groen      

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